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From the very start, TRITICUM has made a steadfast, wholehearted effort to focus on quality and continuous improvement as the backbones of its strategy, and as its unique feature and the common denominator of all its activities.

For this reason, TRITICUM has established a quality policy with the commitment to fully satisfy our clients by putting the following principles into practice: 



Through different programmes and projects that ensure implementation of the actions determined in order to reach our objectives.




In our personal presentation and in the presentation of our product and physical facilities, and by complying with the HACCP system implemented and reviewing it periodically. 




Internal communication, with the goal of becoming dynamic and flexible in our work and thus being able to convey these values to our clients.




Perfectly harmonised teamwork and continuous training of our staff, the foundation for improving our internal processes.




Taking on functions that this quality policy requires and fulfilling the norms, laws in force and requirements set by our clients in order to earn their loyalty.




Meaningfulness in the relationship with the company and its strategic positioning while respecting the environment and the culture around us.




At the service of our clients, providing technology in our facilities and cutting-edge products and thus being more efficient and competitive.




With the norms applied to our activity, both legal and regulatory.




Ethical and moral conduct, always regarding our clients and suppliers as part of our company, making them participants in the improvements we carry out along with our staff.




Efficient, quick and economical, in order to be more effective and enhance the experience with our clients.




For our staff, ensuring their safety and respecting each of the jobs performed in the company.



October 2015.


Triticum continues to grow in projects, products and people. Our passion has no limits. Ask us your questions or give us your opinion; we are always willing to improve our services.
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