Xevi Ramon Simon


Master Food Artisan, manager and creator of Triticum, where he makes bread for fine cuisine with top-notch, world-renowned clients.

A fifth-generation bread-maker, he has extensive training in the best bread-making kitchens in both Spain and abroad. He trains bread-makers and pastry chefs and has won several gastronomy prizes.

Xevi Ramon Simon has always been sure of his vocation. From a very young age he rejected other careers and carried on with his grandparents’ profession. He started studying and soon combined his classes with nights working in the bakery until the wee hours. There he put everything he had learned in his studies into practice and became familiar with the profession, by observing and listening to self-made bread-makers with the understanding that not everything can be learned in a classroom. This experience has given him a deep-seated respect for the profession and for all the professionals who devote their lives to making bread. After all, Xevi clearly understands that he has fully devoted his life to making bread, but high-quality bread in an honest dialogue with his client, whom he offers all the truth of this product.





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